These are the some of the fine folks to whom I owe a debt of gratitude...

my wife Janet--
who puts up with me and my idiosyncracies
my mom--
for all her help and advice. I'm glad we live nearby again. Thanks for everything!
my dad--
who taught me so much, and whom I miss every day
my sister Marilyn--
who I sometimes take for granted, and who really needs another cat!
my brother Steve--
for having gotten me interested in good music and cars
my dachshund Odie--
who worships me, and defends me against bicycles and odd noises
Mike T.--
34 years of friendship and still counting. That says it all, doesn't it?
Mark Davis--
and his wife Leslie - the finest couple in Vermont. Thanks again for all the moving help!
Paul M.--
Springfield, Washington DC, Ford Museum, Villa Park... lots of memorable days.
my cousin Laurie Crawford--
for all the moral support via email during my last months in Vermont
Mavis Kaufmann--
my 3rd grade teacher - the best schoolteacher I ever had.
Tony Dorko--
he let us "punks" hang out at WAR Auto, and helped us fix our cars. He's The Man.
Rip Simmons--
lots of good times at WAR and at concerts. Email me, already!
Mike Bittner--
for being "best man" at my wedding, for the motorcycle days, and lots more
Brian Bittner--
who told me how to sell my own house and do it quickly - and it worked!
Randy Martin--
for the great bachelor party. Get out of vending, Randy!
Mark Bruno--
a brutal businessman - but he gave me the chance to prove myself
Billy Fury--
for favoring me with the second chance to own a Sport Fury GT. Thanks, Bill!
Bob Blair--
for being willing to trust my judgement and motivations.
Doug Frigon--
who made it fun even to work in "Hell" (IBM). The best of luck always, Doug.
Bernie Sanders--
for perfectly illustrating why I despise socialism. Move to Cuba, Bernie.
Ronald Reagan--
the greatest President of this century, and history will reflect thisI

Thanks to you all.... Russ

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