Bernie Sanders is a scab!


Anyone who knows about Independent Vermont Representative Bernie Sanders knows that Bernie is about the most pro-union person on Earth. The power of the group is worth much more than that of the individual (especially when it comes to courting votes, wholesale). Bernie wants everything unionized, everyone in a union.


So what does he do when he gets elected and goes to the House of Representatives? Why, instead of being part of the union that most closely reflects his liberal views (the Democratic party), he maintains his ‘independence’.  In other words, in a highly unionized body, he wishes to be a scab, for his own purposes. It does not suit him to belong to a union so he doesn’t do it.


In a government body where people belong to one of two ‘unions’, or parties, Bernie refuses to join.


Why be a scab, Bernie? This is your chance to join the union that loves unions!


But, no – for Bernie Sanders, ONLY for Bernie Sanders, he believes in the ‘right to work’ without joining an organization. Don’t tell him he has to join a union. That is for the workingman.


It’s called ‘hypocrisy’. Can anyone else see this??